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Wildcat Shootout 10-17-15- Updated

The Varsity Bobcats will be participating in the Wildcat Shootout at Whitehouse High School on Saturday, October 17th! Teams from around the area will be coming out to compete in this pre-season match-up, including:

- Whitehouse

- Central

- Martins Mill

- Jacksonville

- New Summerfield

- Chapel Hill

- Mexia

Don't miss this opportunity to see your Bobcats in action!!


9:00 Jacksonville vs. New Summerfield

9:50 Hallsville vs. Central

10:40 New Summerfield vs. Chapel Hill

11:30 Whitehouse vs. Hallsville

12:20 Whitehouse vs. Martins Mill

1:10 Hallsville vs. Mexia

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